About Me


i won’t take up your time with all the details (after all this site is about how this stuff can help you not about me :@), but for anyone wondering how i ended up launching this site my journey into the world of wellness started unplanned when after a bad break up i arrived hungover and highly unimpressed with the lack of swimming pool at the only wellness retreat which seem to have a room in Thailand in January 2012.

I reluctantly agreed to attending a breathwork workshop on my first day that I was told would calm my nerves, iift my low spirits, take me on a journey through my subconscious. Cynical and with low expectations, within 2 minutes of breathing in a certain way I suddenly found myself on the very promised journey, humbled and wowed in equal measure – literally my first ever encounter with anything wellness or self care focused! A significant traumatic brain injury (TBI) just a year after, further cemented my need and lack of choice for this ‘stuff’ and i whilst i battled through the long-term concussion symptoms i soon found that it was genuinely only the alternative routes that were helping me getting better against all odds, and as a result I swore the day I was well enough, I would train in all the things that had helped me.

Feel Like A Fish In Water is the result of what happened next, following my training with some of the best teachers i could find in the London and worldwide wellness world.

Trainings & Qualifications

Over the last 10 years – alongside a pretty intense high pressure job (yes i promise you i understand the ‘real world’ as well as the wellness world :@) – I have trained in everything that I found helped me, my bruised brain and yes even my often bad choice of boyfriends!

  • Kundalini Yoga (teacher training 200 hours) – KYTA Accredited
  • Gong Bath & Sound Healing Training – by Mehtab Benton (thought to be one of the leading gong masters in the world)
  • Kundalini Global Yoga (teacher training 220 hours) – Yoga Alliance Accredited
  • Pranayama & Altered States of Consciousness Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
  • Mastering the Addictive and Anxious Personality Yoga Teacher training, with Carolyn Cowan (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
  • Architecture of Hormones and Anatomy for Yoga & Breathwork with Carolyn Cowan
  • Holistic Massage Diploma (through the London College of Massage)
  • ITEC Anatomy and Physiology Diploma
  • The Art of the Sacred Sound Journey with Anne Malone & Yoga Campus
  • Health and Safety Diploma
  • StarChild Yoga Teacher Training – to teach yoga, breath work and meditation to 3 to 18 year olds (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
  • Kansa Vakti Foot Massage (Champissage International)
  • Indian Head Massage (Champissage International) – trained by the Godson of Narendra Mehta – the man who brought Indian head massage to Europe.  NB: still finalising this certification.
  • Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Conscious Communication (awaiting certification)
  • Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Mind & Meditation (commenced training)
Katharine x

Meet my Feel Like a Fish in Water family

The Secret Breath + Stretch Society

I decided to take all my formal trainings, recordings, ideas, insights and inspirations from the last 10+ years and create a mini platform for like minded people to come to learn and linger. Including access to pre recorded sessions, live class recordings and details of events only available to members, it is place and space where the words compare, contrast and compete don’t exist; a place you are not going to leave feeling like you’ve been beaten be a filtered selfie stick. Click on the below for more details on how to belong :@)    https://www.feellikeafishinwater.co.uk/belong/

The logo says Girl on Gong but in reality it’s girl on gong, rain stick, sansula, chinese wind chime, peacebells, drum and quite a few other instruments that I play on the sound journeys! But I think we’ll all agree that Girl on Gong has a better ring to it so we’ll stick to that :@).  For those who have never attended a gong bath or sound journey, and who might be sceptical of it being a bit woo-woo, all I can say is please try it, you won’t look back. Even those of you who may have had a few uncertain, unsettling experiences with the gong – I too have been there! – can rest assured that this will be different.

Benefits include: Aiding a deeper sleep * Reducing stress & anxiety * Assist with pain relief * Helping to break addictive habits and regenerate the nervous system.  All you need to do is layback, pop your little eyelids shut, open the ears and open your mind. What do you have to lose :@).

Pranayama in Pyjamas

Pranayama in Pyjamas is how many of my long-term students refer to the week-night calming Breath + Stretch classes, and the name has kind of stuck :@).  You can of course wear whatever you like, but one thing for sure is you will leave the space and session feeling more blissed out, stretched out and grounded than you are likely to have a done in a long-time.

Just 30 minutes out of your day, and the perfect way to prep yourself for the week ahead. Consisting of a simple series of 3 stretches & 3 breaths & yes some laying down with the eyes closed.. Breathwork bliss…

The Breath Gym

I have been lucky enough to train with who I (and many others) see as the high priestess of pranayama, Carolyn Cowan.  After qualifying with her coveted Yoga Alliance Pranayama certification, as well as her ‘Mastering the Addictive & Anxious Personality’ teacher training qualification, I am genuinely over the moon to be able to share those learnings and life-changing effects of the breath and the stretch with others.

All of my treatments, sound healings, 1:1 and group classes incorporate ancient, scientifically proven breath and stretch techniques into sessions which serve modern day needs. Breath Gym prescriptions, which combine a unique combination of stretches and breaths for an individuals’ needs are also available on request.  Each annual Feel Like a Fish portal membership includes a personalised breath prescription.

Natural, nurturing, grounding yet uplifting, and said by many to be a mood and metabolism booster, Cacao by K is Ceremonial Grade, making it perfect to use as an ingredient in special ceremonies & rituals, as well as in your daily cacao hot chocolate or milkshake treat.

Ethically Sourced, organic, sugar free, with no additives, non-GMO, fair trade, and vegan, Cacao by K is my own brand of Cacao, and it is grown with love in the amazon by the Tsatsayaku Communities (made up of and benefiting 140 Kichwa and Mesizo families), and packed with love by me and some of my favourite feel good humans in London.    20-25g per person or 42g for ceremonial use. Cacao is not suitable for those on SSRIs / antidepressants.


Launching mid 2024, Little Fish in Water s a unique yoga, breath + stretch offering specifically designed for the modern day needs of 3 to 18 year olds – toddlers, tweens & teens. Katharine was trained by Siri Arti – one of the world’s most respected teachers of children’s and teen’s yoga – as part of the Starchild Yoga Academy, and her carefully and relevantly curated classes (each class theme different every time) aim to combine breathwork, meditation, stretch and yoga in an enjoyable, engaging and powerfully effective way. For more information please email us. I know it’s desperately needed by so many young ones and little people right now.

Retreat Like a Fish in Water is a new private, by appointment only day space currently being created in EN5 North London. 10 minutes in an uber from High Barnet Northern Line underground station, it includes an ultra luxe yoga studio that comfortably fits up to 12 students, a jungle themed treatment room, chill-out hut with hotel standard sauna and is set in 2 acres of countryside.  The retreat space will hold regular in person kundalini yoga classes, soundbaths, gongbaths and guest teachers and personal trainers.  Feel Like a Fish founder members will be the first to hear of invites and events at the space. and we look forward to sharing more information with you soon.


I’ll be launching and revealing more on this super soon. But yes it’s for those dark nights (or days) of the soul when you need a bit of light to take you from the Gu to the Ru…