15 May 2024Big Fish Little Fish Interview with Kwali Kumara

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So excited to have you as my first Big Fish! Can you tell us about the forthcoming Mind Body Spirit Festival?

The show this year is packed with so many awesome speakers, teachers, performers and Healers. It is the longest-running well-being festival in the U.K. and it continues to go from strength to strength. There is such a wide variety of offerings that no matter where you are on your spiritual journey you will be able to find the soul food you are seeking. We have lots of guests who are newcomers who are just stepping out on the well-being path mixed in with some master teachers with decades of experience and spiritual veterans who have been the trailblazers of the holistic world. We are very lucky to have so much variety, wisdom, skill and talent all under one big Olympic-sized roof! 

What can visitors expect from your Ceremony Space?

The Ceremony Space is the deliciously decorated cosmic womb of the festival, it is lovingly curated and hosted by myself.   We offer a huge variety of inspiring experiential ceremonial celebrations.  The Space is a cosy yurt that invites the guests to come inside and enjoy the tribe vibe of being in an intimate and sacred space. Whenever you need to take time out from the excitement of the festival to relax and recharge you can come and immerse yourself into this soothing sanctuary of wisdom and wonder. It is a melting pot of magical shamanic offerings, sacred circles and intimate ceremonial-based experiences. 

There is a longer paid workshop every morning and in the afternoon shorter taster sessions that are free. There is something for everyone, I try to make the lineup as eclectic as possible to show all the wonderful facets of the enormous crystal that is the holistic world. 


What excites you most about the festival this year?

Definitely the lineup, there is always so much going on that the biggest problem everyone has is trying to squeeze it all in.

The quality of the content is like no other show, our guests arrive with their itinerary all mapped out having studied the programme well in advance to make sure they don’t miss a trick. Along with all the workshops and offerings, there is an Aladdin’s cave of crystals, spiritual tools, trinkets, instruments and New Earth technologies to soak up. You can get lost in all the wonderful stands if you’re not careful. It’s like being in Diagon Alley buying all your wizard tools in preparation for Hogwarts school. I love the fact there are so many magical beings all under one roof, the energy can be very powerful. Just being in the festival is an activation in and of itself, so add a few workshops and ceremonies into the mix and most people leave us feeling high as kite and fly off home ecstatic on their shiny new broomsticks. 


Where else can we see you this summer? I heard you have your own festival launching too!

I am indeed, I’m super excited to be launching my magical mystical medicinal celebratory ‘Elemental Temple Festival’ 

It is a delicious shamanic four-day-long deep dive ceremony, fuelled by passion, purpose and Prayer. It is held over the Summer  Solstice and is a Fundraiser for my ‘Plumed Serpent Sanctuary’ of over thirty rescued snakes. The kind and generous land owners also give a huge chunk of the site rental fee to ‘The Rainforest Trust’ so the festival is supporting two really beautiful and worthy causes, this makes the festival feel wholesome as it’s helping our beautiful planet and her chief ambassadors from the serpent realms. We are funding trees to grow in the Amazon whilst giving serpents back their wings. 

The line-up consists of some of the most amazing medicine musicians sharing sacred songs from all corners of the earth, we have a tremendous collection of shamanic practises and healing modalities on offer. It’s full Elemental dress-up and suoer family-friendly, kids are FREE and there is no Alcohol or single-use plastic on site. 

Our slogan is ‘unity creating harmony through the powder of community’ it’s a small gathering of a few hundred people so make sure you grab a ticket whilst there are still some left. 


What is your ultimate chill-out tip, place, or space?

My chill-out tip is to always come back to your heart and an attitude of gratitude, 

if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or nervous then you are not in your heart space. I love the saying ‘too blessed to be stressed’. If you stop whatever you are doing and take a moment to be grateful for the simple things, like the sunshine on your face or the beautiful people in your life., you will soon come back into your centre. It’s also a really good idea to connect with your element every day, if you are on earth sign , make sure you hug a tree, fire signs meditate with a candle, Air signs burn some incense and water signs have a relaxing bath or meditate by stream or lake. It sounds obvious but it’s these simple things that we forget to do and they can be so healing for us. we are part of nature and so often we forget this fact  in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. 


What is your favourite breath meditation, or the meditation practice you are doing at the moment?

My current practice is an incredible meditation called Gyan chakra kriya, it’s a powerful moving mantra practice to manifest abundance and prosperity. It’s amazing as it totally cleans your aura and strengthens your halo. It’s one of my favourite kundalini practices and I will be sharing it at the MBS festival.

Or you can find it in my online archive of teachings at my website www.kundalinitemple.com


Where can i find out more information about the festivals?


Mind Body Spirit Festival – London Olympia – 24 May – 27 May


I am super excited to be able to say that I’ll be teaching a Kundalini Yoga Class in Kwali’s ceremony space on Saturday lunchtime, as well as hosting a sound bath in the Alchemy of Sound just before. Pop along and say hi :@)

Sending love, thanks for reading this x Katharine xx

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