23 February 2024Communicating for a better tomorrow not a worse today..

This week I was told I’d passed my level 2 kundalini teacher certification in conscious communication, following my frankly heavenly 6 days in Oslo back at the end of October 23’ when I swear I learnt more in 6 snowy lecture / yoga / meditation / joy filled days about how to be a better communicating human than in most of my 25 years I the corporate world!

Body language, eye contact, and tone of voice of course were key things we explored, as was intensive days of learning and practicing numerous new meditations and kundalini yoga classes, but more than that I learnt basic tools for every day living to truly understand what conscious communication is, the benefits it brings and tips for  becoming better at it.

When we apply the art of conscious communication we not only get better at becoming the best possible versions our ourselves, but also help enable the other person we are in conversation with become the best possible versions of themselves too, stay in the neutral mind and more importantly than that it can help ensure the chats we have help to bring about a better tomorrow and not a worst today.

Other benefits of it include:

  • Enables us to see before we even start the conversation what our true agenda is, and if we are going into it for the right reasons – and time to pull out of anything that could spoil tomorrow
  • Helps us stay in the neutral mind and less likely to veer off into the negative mind
  • Conversations become much more straight forward and less negative
  • Enable us to better serve the truth rather than our ego or agenda (sub conscious or other wise)

Think about it, how often do many of us go into conversations with a desire to win over the other person or even worse with a negative agenda. There are not enough words or time to go into all the amazing stuff I learnt, but a few simple Friday tips (most of them just common sense, but if your anything like me I need a few reminders of the basics esp after a busy day or week!)


  • Listen to listen not to respond – we are all guilty of it (I have been aware for a long time it’s one of the things I need to work on the most!) but building up a skill for deep conscious authentic listening is truly a gamechanger
  • Speak from the gut – Practice speaking from the navel rather than the head, practicing certain mantras and meditations can really help with this
  • The 3 gates – Consider whether you even need the conversation at all – the cliché ‘before you speak let your words pass through 3 gates, is it kind, is it true, is it necessary’ exists for a reason
  • Context is everything – Think about the ‘stuff’ both of you are bringing to the conversation – eg what situation either of you has just been in just before the conversation, what else you have going on in your life that could be influencing agenda or tone of voice, past history on the topic that could be playing in subconsciously
  • Empathy – Regardless of the subject matter or the person in front of you, try to approach the other with empathy
  • Speak and converse from the heart and navel not the head

Most of the breaths on the weekly breath samples under the Breath Tips & Tools section can help you develop a more neutral mind and conscious way of communicating.  I’ll be recording a meditation for neutral mind and posting in the members section too. any questions let me know x Katharine xxx


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