12 February 2024Pelvic Liberation – no not in the way you might first think :@)

Just something I fancied sharing which may be of interest to some of you. Recently as part of (yet another!) yoga teacher training (one day I’ll loose the obsession to learn constantly :@) I wrote an essay about the pelvis, and the energetic as well as physical things we can do to release tension and stories that can be held there.  It’s an area that has always interested me, especially in the most recent years when I’ve not only become aware of some of the tension that so many of us hold there but also because of the importance Kundalini Yoga – my favourite go to yoga – places on the application of the root lock

I have, from the moment it was first mentioned to me years ago in a yoga class, been fascinated by the notion (and reality) that we hold not only a lot of tension, but also many of our old stories and sometimes trauma in this part of the body.  And though I do often talk about this in my classes, especially during those postures or meditations that I have personally found to generate some shaking in the pelvic area, I have never really understood why, or what to do about it. Firstly to caveat, I’m not going to take you down a deep dark path in this blog post. There’s lots of other places – and therapists – much better placed to do that – tut what I learn really open my mind and taught me a few practical hints and tips that I thought might be helpful for others so here goes.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe in chakras – the 7 energy points that are said to be held within the body from pelvis to crown, and take it from me I was initially a bit of a sceptic, the last few weeks of learning about the pelvis have brought to light some fascinating links between between blockages at the sacral chakra (the 2nd chakra) and the pelvic area.  Not only in how we can use this link to release tension in the lower part of the body.  But also how the link can manifest and reveal itself physically in terms of abdominal cramping, muscles tension and even migraines, and also (most interesting to me personally) in terms of emotional over reactions and an inability to contain and ‘self regulate’ with emotions such as rage, anger, jealousy, envy.  Umm not sure about you but yep I think I can relate to most of those!

I was also interested to learn that as well as the emotions, the second chakra is associated with sensuality and with the element water, and when in balance it can help encourage flexibility and flow and immerse creativity.  It is said that a person who is blocked or out of balance in the second chakra and in need of healing in the second chakra, will most likely exude signs of indulgent behaviour towards substance, food and (I’m quoting this now from Pelvic Liberation) ‘games’…  The book “The Healing Secrets of the Ages’ goes a step further and says “This nerve centre is very sensitive to thoughts about substance, money, finances and the material world.  A gripping mental hold on material things will cause constriction in this area.”  Ok for me at least this is getting scarily accurate now! I think its fair to say that I ended up writing the essay, and this subsequent article, for a reason and need to get on my chakra sorting chariot and deal with this second one asap!

So, what can we do to help ourselves in this area from the point of view of the physical as well as the emotional and energetic.

I’ll start firstly with yoga, the reason that brought me to writing this in the first place.  There are lots of proven yoga poses that can help physically open up the hips and also engage the flow of chi, life force energy, spirit etc around and through the 2nd chakras and this part of the body.  For example Frog pose and Sufi Grind are both reported to help strengthen the pelvis and reproductive organs around the sacral chakra and fortify it, helping make it more of a fluid container.

Secondly, to be close to water. For me this is fascinating as I am a total water baby and feel decidedly different if I’m in or around water.  It is said to encourage flow of energy to the pelvic area, and aid release of physical and energetic tensions stored there.

Dietary changes can also help – eg drink lots of water, because the 2nd chakra is associated with it; also consume foods with spices and cinnamon because both are very balancing and soothing to this chakra; and melons and oranges are said to be great for clearing it.

Meditation can also really help, and there are some that are particularly good, especially: those with Dhyani mudra: those which use the mantra ‘Vam’ (the mantra for this chakra and which heals but also helps facilitate flexibility which allows energy to stay in motion and the individual become more at ease with change); those that help facilitate flexibility and letting go.

Meditations involving visualisation of the colour orange (even if the sunset or an orange flower) because orange is the colour associated with this chakra, and rich earthy essential oils can also help unlock the sacral chakra – eg sandalwood and ylng ylang.

On a more practical level, chiropractors can help, because a good one can make adjustments which help ensure the pelvic area is balanced.

Movement itself cannot be underestimated when it comes to balancing this area physically as well as energetically, and not just on the yoga mat.  Shaking – as Osho’s students and also Quakers do so much of – is hugely effective and powerful and works to really clear and get things literally moving.

And last but not least ‘Praise’. Yes this was actual music to my ears, as I have to say rightly or wrongly I do like a metaphorical or real rosette once in a while :@). I read a few places that praise and gratitude bestowed on ourselves but also by others can help to free the mind and end in the cleansing process and help free physical and energetic waste from the body.  The bodily functions in the pelvic area are said to respond especially well to praise and to quote Healing Secrets of the Ages just one final time “Just as both adults and children are often emotionally starved for kindness, appreciation and praise, so are the organs of the body.” Well maybe that’s one crux I can hang onto in my co-dependency armoury for a little while longer after all :@)

Sending so much love to all.  More articles like this to follow so keep checking back.  And let me know if any of the above has been helpful to you x

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