RevealWhat is Like a Fish in Water?

Like a Fish in Water integrates ancient, scientifically proven breathwork techniques into sound-healing, meditation, stretch, fitness and yoga sequences, as well as into holistic face and body treatments. Designed for modern day needs, every session is totally different each time – whether it be a one off private 1:1, a 6-week bespoke breath meditation ‘prescription’, a workshop held at for a private club / organisation, or one of the live or on demand classes. The format, focus and soundtrack is designed with each individual person, group, and even the time of day in mind, to ensure maximum results and enjoyment.

RevealWhat is the offering within Like a Fish in Water

It offers a wide a wide variety of different options, from the super calming BREATH + stretch and BREATH + nest sessions, to more aerobic and physically demanding BREATH + flex sequences, as well as the Five Tibetans – an ancient practice thousands of years old which is renowned for its host of benefits. Breath is the common denominator for all – with each and every session grounded in breathwork – even the BREATH + refresh face and body treatment offering which will be available from late 2021 – Covid craziness allowing!

Full offering is listed below:

  • BREATH live
    Live weekly sessions and classes, each one totally different, from the comfort of your own home. And hopefully one day – Covid allowing – also available in person.
  • BREATH + stretch
    Low impact on body, high impact on the mind, these themed sessions range from between 20 and 30 minute sessions, and are aimed at calming the mind and body on both a physical and emotional level.
  • BREATH + flex
    More aerobic and physically demanding, but with a meditative edge at the end. Each session is different every time. Based on Kundalini Yoga kriyas (ie sequences with a specific theme), each session feature 2-3 breath meditations, longer relaxations and each has a different focus – everything from boosting the immune system, to strengthening the abs and detoxifying the body.
  • BREATH + nest
    This does what it says on the tin, and invites you to really bed in, curl up into some serious r&r. Currently this on includes gong-bath sound meditation with breath work at the start. In the future it will also include relaxing cacao ceremonies, again featuring breath work and long guided meditations.
  • Little Fish in Water
    A unique yoga, breath, stretch and meditation offering specifically designed for the modern day needs of 3 to 18 year olds – toddlers, tweens & teens. I was trained by Siri Arti – founder of Starchild Yoga and one of the world’s most respected teachers of children’s and teen’s yoga – and each session is carefully and relevantly curated, each class theme different every time. Launching late 2021.
  • BREATH a+
    A series focused on breathing and sequences that are designed to help you develop the tools tackle the dreaded 3 a’s – Anxiety, Anger and Addictive tendencies. Created, following me completing Carolyn Cowan’s  unique and renowned Mastering the Addictive and Anxious personality yoga and breath teacher training, these sessions look to take you through some non-judgemental theory on why we can behave the way we do, and how through the stretch, breath and some simple knowledge we can help ourselves conquer the most challenging of emotions, situations, and triggers.
  • BREATH + refresh
    Treatments which not only pamper, but refresh and ground you back into your body. Ranging from holistic massage to traditional Indian head massage and Ayurvedic foot treatments, all incorporate breath work to really help you, your body, mind and soul to truly make the most of your experience. Available from late 2021 dependant on Covid-19 restrictions.
    These are 7 minute quick-fix, ancient yet scientifically proven breaths, to conquer / quell specific emotions.
  • The Five Tibetans
    The Five Tibetan Rites are thought to be more than 2,500 years old, and it consists of a sequence of five exercises, each of which is performed 21 times – though the number of repetitions can be reduced if necessary. People who do them report that the sequence has incredible physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. These effects are thought to restore a person’s vitality and strength. Due to these benefits, the Five Tibetan Rites are traditionally known as the “Fountain of Youth.”

RevealWhat is The Secret Breath and Stretch Society and how does it link to Like a Fish in Water?

The Secret Breath and Stretch Society is the private members portal for Like a Fish in Water. It is free to join, and features blog posts, videos, guided breaths, articles on hormones (the good, the bad and the downright ugly ones!) and is essentially a safe scroll zone, when you want to look at pictures and entertain the monkey mind, but don’t want to risk going down the You Tube, Instagram or Facebook rabbit hole.

RevealHow do I become a member?

Click on this link.  Put in your name, email address and choose your own password. It really is that simple!  https://the-secret-breath-stretch-society.mn.co/feed

RevealHow much does membership cost?

It’s a free portal. If you decide you want to pay to access some of the videos, or old class links then you can pay via your card on site.  But 99% of it is free!

RevealWho can I contact if I have any other questions?


RevealDoes Katharine teach every live class?

Yes I do my best to teacher every live class. On the occasions such as holidays and emergencies when I am unable to teach, I guarantee that there will be a substitute teacher who is highly trained to the same standard, or I will give notice to cancel the class or refund you the money.  There may also be occasions, such as specialist guest workshops, when I organise for a leader in their field to lead the session, alongside me.

RevealIs it possible to book a 1:1 with Katharine herself?

Please email info@likeafishinwater.co.uk  with your enquiry.

RevealCan somebody join an online class without being a member of the portal?

100% yes. They are totally separate.  Anybody can book a live class.

RevealAre there plans for a physical Like a Fish in Water base.

Yes we hope so at some point in the future  – Covid-19 allowing.

RevealWho founded Like a Fish in Water

Me (Katharine) :@). I have over 20 years of experience in high pressured corporate roles,  Although I continue to happily work in a full time capacity within the corporate world (albeit juggling a bit of a random double life at times!) following a significant brain injury 8 years ago – when I was advised to retrain in case I was unable to continue working on a screen long-term – I have retrained in everything that has helped me get better, in order to help others.

RevealWhat qualifications does Katharine have?

Holistic Massage Diploma (through the London College of Massage)

ITEC Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

Health and Safety Diploma

Kundalini Yoga (teacher training 200 hours) – KYTA Accredited

Kundalini Global (teacher training 220 hours) – Yoga Alliance Accredited.  Awaiting final certification

Mastering the Addictive and Anxious Personality Yoga Teacher training, with Carolyn Cowan (Yoga Alliance Accredited)

Architecture of Hormones and Anatomy for Yoga & Breathwork with Carolyn Cowan

Pranayama & Altered States of Consciousness Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)

StarChild Yoga Teacher Training – to teach yoga, breath work and meditation to 3 to 18 year olds (Yoga Alliance Accredited)

Gong Bath Training – by Mehtab Benton (who is thought to be one of the leading gong masters in the world)

Kansa Vakti Foot Massage (Champissage International)

Indian Head Massage (Champissage International) – trained by the Godson of Narendra Mehta – the man who brought Indian head massage to Europe.  NB: still finalising this certification.

RevealWhy is breath the core part?

Because the last 8 years have shown me that the breath and its many different ancient and scientifically proven breath techniques is the most powerful tool that we have at our disposal, and it can help us deal with a myriad of emotional, physical and mental ailments. I have used it myself to help manage migraines, pain and symptoms from the brain injury, but also in day to day life when dealing with certain situations in both my personal and corporate life. I was so inspired by the results and the training, I wanted to create a platform to share it with others so they could too experience the often life-changing benefits.

RevealWhat type of yoga is it based around?

Kundalini Yoga – referred to by many as the yoga of awareness., and it is known as a ‘Raj Yoga’, one of the most powerful and effective practised. It is much less focused on flexibility than physical yogas, and prides itself on having no restrictions based on physical capability.  It gives results in a much shorter space of time compared to other yogas, eg, one year of Kundalini Yoga is said to be equivalent to 11 years of Hatha.

In Kundalini Yoga the teacher won’t get up to adjust positions, and student’s eyes are shut for most of the time to help them stay inside and keep the connection with their ‘self’.  The format of the class is also very different, with breathwork, warm-ups, kriya, relaxation, meditation, closing.  Similarly, the ‘content’ of each class is totally different each time. Classic Kundalini classes feature an opening chant to tune in and close the class with. Kundalini Global classes do not feature the opening and closing chants, and instead open and close with a stretch.

RevealWhy Kundalini Yoga? What are the benefits?

Practising kundalini yoga not only gives us time out and tools to help develop a neutral mind and learn about the ‘power of the pause’, it also teaches us to get comfortable with sitting with our ‘self’, through certain postures, breath, mantra and meditation techniques. Most importantly – particularly in the day and age we are living through right now – it shows us that we are powerful beings able to change the way we feel inside without external factors.  It may look different, but most who try it never look back.  It is known as a ‘raj’ yoga – the king of yogas – for a reason :@).

RevealI heard there was chanting at the start and end of certain sessions. Do I need to do that?

Yes in some of the sessions, the classes do begin and end with a mantra / some brief chanting. Though I’d encourage you to at least try it, as the effects are incredible, you have to follow your own heart and if you prefer to just listen to the sound vibration, at least whilst you get used to the class structure, that is fine.  Whatever you need to do. I will soon be qualifying in Kundalini Global and there will be classes added which do not feature the opening or closing chants x

RevealDo I have to be fit / have previous experience of breathwork and yoga to take part?

All sessions are suitable for beginners, however as per the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that you are agreeing to by participating in the sessions, you should be mindful of your own fitness levels and any pre-existing medical conditions (physically or mentally) that could be impacted by participating in the sessions.  Please check with your doctor or physician if you have any concerns. Please also note and read the T&Cs and Disclaimer on this site before participating in any class – live or on demand.

RevealAre the sessions suitable for pregnant women?

No i’m sorry the yoga classes (Breath + stretch and Breath + flex) are are not suitable for pregnant women.

RevealWill additional videos be recorded and added to the On Demand section of The Secret Breath + Stretch Society site?

Current Covid-19 restrictions have made it very difficult to record suitably high quality sessions, but I am looking to have some Kundalini Global classes recorded for the site soon.  We would also remind people that there is at least 1 live class a week so there are new sessions available weekly.