Breaths, Books, Tips & Tools in under ten…

However good our intentions it’s not always possible to dedicate 60 or even 20 mins to a breath, stretch or any sort of session. So this section is dedicated to tips, tools and breath techniques which are all under ten minutes. Please note that the videos on this section are from the weekly home recordings, hence the less professional look and feel with less lashes and a messier mop of hair, but still filled with the same amount of love and sanity restoring tools :@)

Breath Illustrations

Sometimes it’s easier to go back to basics to just follow a picture. Each one exclusively painted for by the incredibly talented Sandra Surdu @seaslessly

Weekly Breaths

5 minute guided breath of the week. I recommend you pick a breath to do every day for a week or even better for a month. Keep a journal and see the positive impact on both mind and body

Book Tips

Cacao Recipes

Please see below for some Cacao Recipe Ideas to try

RevealCacao cashew nut nourisher

3 tablespoons ceremonial cacao
2 tablespoons almond butter
1 tablespoon cashew milk
Simply add the above ingredients into a blender, and preferably with a magical or at least inspiring piece of music playing (trust me it makes a difference!) blend the ingredients together until smooth. I do tend to like to add half a cup of hot water too, but someΒ  of you may prefer the cooler taste.
Pinch nutmeg
Garnished with fresh mint
Enjoy respectfully and responsibly as always xxx


RevealDaily Milkshake

2-3 tablespoons Cacao

One cup of hot water

Half a banana

Half a glass of rice milk

Splash of cold water

Blend together for a smooth texture. Take your time to savour the taste and the sensations in the body & mind.

RevealLove Deeply

3 tablespoons of Cacao

2 tablespoons of Maple Syrup

1 tablespoon Cashew Butter

Splash of Rose Water

Mix in a blender and garnish with fresh rose petals

Enjoy mindfully and with love as always xxx