The Twilight Zone

This space is for those dark nights (or days) of the soul when you need a bit of something to take you from the Gu to the Ru, the dark to the light. Calming breaths, guided meditations, sound baths and playlists which I am beginning to add to weekly.  Essentially everything me and my friends are always saying we need to be able to have quick access to when the chaotic mind takes over and tries to torture.  Keep checking back in for more content when you need, and more importantly than anything else remember that the dark clouds always pass. Sending love and dedicated to my BJR xxx

Guided Yoga Nidra Meditations

Breathwork & Stretches to Cool & Calm

Lots more to be added in the next week. so keep checking back, There are lots of Calming Breath + Stretch classes in the members area of the Secret Breath + Stretch Society

Live Sound Journeys & Gong Baths

Please see below for some samples of live Gong & Sound Baths. Lots of new recordings for both sound journeys and gong baths to follow soon.